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Consultation on this discussion paper closed on 29 September, 2017. We received 910 responses, and were given permission to publish 598. These are published below.

The detailed report of responses is also available. In summary it shows that:

  • Most people who responded support some form of registration. Although most preferred registration by weight, a clear preference for how that registration should be applied is less clear.
  • Training and demonstrated proficiency in the use of drones is broadly supported, particularly for large drones.
  • Support is divided for geo-fencing: 47 per cent support it, while 53 per cent do not. Many respondents indicated they think geo-fencing is ineffective.
  • Counter-drone technology to protect safety and security enforced by trained law enforcement personnel was supported.
  • Most respondents thought the current rules were appropriate and that CASA is doing a good job. Other themes included improving experienced drone operators’ knowledge of the rules and concerns about over-regulation and low enforcement of existing rules.

This feedback will inform the development of future legislation, and we will consult on any proposed future changes.


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