Proposed transitional policies for flight operations regulations – (PP 1918OS)

Closed 30 Jun 2020

Opened 2 Jun 2020


Specific transitional rules are required to change from the existing rules to the new rules governing flight operations that commence in December 2021. These transitional rules are formally referred to as the consequential, application, transitional and savings or ‘CATS’ regulations.

This consultation is seeking feedback on the policies that, once legally drafted, will become the CATS regulations. 


A suite of new Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) parts which govern aircraft flight operations will take effect on 2 December 2021. These will largely replace the current Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) and Civil Aviation Orders (CAOs) that relate to flight operations.

This consultation proposes the policies that would be incorporated into the CATS regulations, beyond just the administrative and legal provisions necessary in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new flight operations regulations.

Read more about the new flight operations regulations at

Why We Are Consulting

CASA recognises the valuable contribution community and industry consultations make to the policy decision-making process and future regulatory change. We are consulting to ensure that the transitional arrangements are clearly articulated and will work in practice and as they are intended.

In particular, we are seeking industry feedback on the policies that propose:

  • how current AOC holders would be granted equivalent authorisations
  • restrictions on AOC changes in the 3-month period leading up to December 2021
  • requirements for AOC holders to update their operations manuals and expositions
  • delayed commencement dates for some new regulatory requirements
  • automatic 6-month extensions to AOCs expiring around December 2021
  • arrangements for new AOC applicants in the lead up to December 2021
  • expiry periods for specific authorisations granted under the existing rules
  • treatment of flights in progress when rules transition

This consultation has been structured so that you can provide feedback on some or all of these policies, depending on your interest or circumstances.

In all cases, CASA’s aim is to minimise the operational and administrative burden on industry during the transition, with a focus on important safety related matters.

Your views on these proposed transition policies will assist in achieving this objective.

Documents for review

Key information to assist you in providing feedback is included in a summarised form in this online consultation.

A copy of the detailed transition policies (Policy proposal 1918OS) is provided below in the ‘Related’ section. There is also a downloadable MS Word copy of this online consultation, for ease of distribution and feedback within your organisation.

Note: All feedback should be provided though this online consultation and not by email.

General comments and file upload option

There is a general comments box on the last page of this consultation for any other matters.

Due to IT security requirements, CASA can no longer accept uploaded files or documents.

Information about how we consult and how to make a confidential submission is available on the CASA website .

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Using an iPad

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What happens next

Once the consultation has closed, we will register and review each submission received through the online response form.

CASA will make all submissions publicly available on the Consultation Hub, unless you request your submission remain confidential. We will also publish a Summary of Consultation which summarises the feedback received and outlines any intended changes to the CATS policies.

CASA intends to make the CATS regulations in the second half of 2020. Feedback we receive from this consultation will also assist CASA in developing any related acceptable means of compliance documents and guidance material.

CASA will monitor the effectiveness of the CATS regulations on an on-going basis after their commencement. Improvements identified prior to commencement will also be considered.


  • Air operators
  • Pilots
  • Sports aviation operators
  • Hot air balloon operators
  • Parachute operators
  • Pilots of parachuting aircraft
  • Balloon Pilots
  • Balloon Sports aviation operators
  • Balloon AOC holders and applicants
  • Balloon pilots holding a CP(B)L
  • Sport and recreational balloon owners and pilots
  • Aircraft owner/operator
  • Part 142 operators
  • Part 141 operators


  • Operational standards