Draft AC 66-08 v1.0 - Part 66 aircraft engineer licences - privileges

Closed 31 Mar 2020

Opened 2 Mar 2020

Results updated 13 Oct 2020

We invited feedback on the advisory circular (AC) 66-08 v1.0 - Part 66 aircraft engineer licences - privileges, on the Consultation Hub from 2 March - 31 March 2020. 

We received a total of 49 responses from 54 respondents. Twenty-six (26) respondents consented to having their comments published, twenty-seven (27) did not give their consent and one (1) respondent was a CASA officer.

The feedback received was mixed. While there was significant support for clearer guidance on the Part 66 licensing system to be provided in the AC, there was considerable negative feedback, not specifically on the content of the AC, but on the Part 66 licensing system generally. Much of this negative feedback was from B2 licence holders who were under the impression that the Part 66 system excluded them from working in Air Transport Association (ATA) chapters designated as B1 in Table 1 of the Part 66 Manual of Standards (MOS), where previously they had licensing privileges.

This feedback indicated a degree of confusion and the lack of understanding of the Part 66 system. B2 licence holders are in fact not excluded from working in certain aspects of these ATA chapters; however, the B1 licence holder has 'full' privileges in these ATAs. This feedback has been addressed by CASA, through the addition of clarifying statements in the relevant areas of the AC which are paragraphs and 3.5.3.

In relation to the Category A licence system and privileges negative feedback was also provided. It demonstrated a lack of understanding of the training and authorisation of Category A licence holders. One item of feedback concerned the loss of privileges in relation to the B1 licence holder not being able to change items such as electric motors in a mechanical system. This privilege was afforded to airframe and engine licence holders under the Part 31 of CAR licensing system. This has been addressed in paragraph of the AC.

The Advisory Circular (AC) 66-08 v1.0 - Part 66 aircraft engineer licences - privileges is now available on the CASA website.

Published responses

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This is the initial advisory circular (AC) for Part 66 aircraft engineer licences - privileges.

This AC provides information and guidance to current and future holders of a Part 66 aircraft maintenance engineer licence and maintenance organisations, on the privileges of each category of a Part 66 licence.

This advisory circular (AC) applies to:

  • licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (LAMEs)
  • approved maintenance organisations (AMOs) (Part 145 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR))
  • certificate of approval holders for aircraft maintenance (regulation 30 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR)).

Technical working group (TWG)

Consultation on the initial draft AC 66-08 v1.0, occurred in February and March 2019. Due to feedback received from TWG members at the time, many areas of the AC were re-drafted. The redrafted AC was again reviewed during the most recent TWG meeting held in late January 2020. The additional feedback received resulted in a final redraft by CASA. This version of the AC has been endorsed by the TWG for public consultation.

For further information

For further information, contact CASA’s Airworthiness and Engineering Branch (telephone 131 757).

Why your views matter

This is the initial advisory circular (AC) for Part 66 aircraft engineer licences - privileges. We are seeking feedback on whether it provides adequate guidance on the privileges of each category of a Part 66 licence before the AC is published.

A copy of the draft AC is provided in the ‘Related’ section at the bottom of this page. Please read the document before providing your feedback in the online survey.

What happens next  

At the end of the response period for public comment, we will review each comment and submission received through the online response form. We will make all submissions publicly available on the CASA website, unless you request your submission remain confidential. We will also publish a Summary of Consultation which summarises the feedback received, outlines any intended changes and details our plans for the AC.

Information about how we consult and how to make a confidential submission is available on the CASA website .

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  • CASA Staff
  • Part 145 of CASR approved maintenance organisations (AMO)
  • Regulation 30 of CAR maintenance organisations (CAR 30)
  • Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (LAME)
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers (AME)


  • Airworthiness / maintenance
  • Aircraft engineer licensing