Flight Safety Australia - feedback survey 2022

Closed 21 Aug 2022

Opened 21 Jul 2022

Results updated 29 Sep 2022

The results are in! Readers recommend Flight Safety Australia!

We recently asked for feedback on our flagship aviation safety magazine Flight Safety Australia. The survey explored current reading habits, satisfaction levels and how we can keep delivering a high-quality magazine.

We would like to thank the 792 people who took the time to complete the survey. Overall, the feedback was positive:

  • 94% would recommend the magazine to other people in the industry
  • 96% learnt useful information about aviation safety
  • 88% say it has influenced them to become safer in their aviation role.

Read what people had to say.

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Flight Safety Australia is CASA’s flagship aviation safety magazine. 

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About Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia offers credible, informative and comprehensive content on all key aviation safety issues - safety management systems, maintenance, runway safety, human factors, airspace, training, aviation medicine - and more. 

Flight Safety Australia is available two ways:

The magazine has 64 pages packed with features, news, in-depth analysis and photography, on a wide range of topics by expert contributors from the aviation community. You can read the popular ‘Crash comic’, along with our ‘Close calls’ where pilots share their experiences and lessons learned in the name of safety, and test your knowledge with a range of quizzes. All this delivered direct to your door every quarter.

The online edition includes topical news and unique digital-only content including safety videos and audio close calls. You can also engage with peers from the aviation community by liking, sharing or commenting on the articles.

We also promote stories through CASA's Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.


  • CASA Staff
  • Aerodrome operator
  • Air operators
  • Airworthiness organisations
  • Flight instructors and flight examiners
  • Flight training operators
  • Engineers
  • Manufacturers
  • Pilots
  • Sports aviation operators
  • Hot air balloon operators
  • Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME)
  • Air traffic controller/s
  • Drone operators
  • Foreign operator
  • Traveling public/passengers


  • Airworthiness / maintenance
  • Drones/uncrewed aircraft systems
  • Airspace and infrastructure
  • Sport and recreational aviation
  • Air travel
  • Dangerous goods
  • Drug and alcohol management
  • Emergencies and incident reporting
  • Fatigue management
  • Hazards
  • Health
  • Human factors
  • Safety management systems
  • Licensing
  • Operational standards
  • Aircraft certification and design
  • Flight training
  • Limited category aircraft
  • Aviation medicine
  • Cabin safety