Draft Mildura Visual Terminal Chart 2020

Closed 25 Oct 2020

Opened 2 Oct 2020


The Office of Airspace Regulation (OAR) is now seeking feedback from aviation stakeholders regarding information to be included on the Mildura Visual Terminal Chart (VTC).

The 2019 Supplementary Mildura Airspace Review recommended that a VTC be developed. The VTC legend and other information is not included on the draft chart, however they will be incorporated on the final version.

The draft VTC is available on the Aviation State Engagement Forum website. We suggest you right click and open in a new tab or window. 

Further information about airspace regulation and the airspace change process is available on the CASA website.

If you would like to provide further feedback, please email OAR@casa.gov.au with the subject line Mildura VTC feedback/comment for identification purposes.

Why we are consulting

Why we are consulting

We are seeking feedback to understand aviation stakeholder issues, observations or positions regarding the information contained in the draft VTC. This may include effects on safety, efficient use of or equitable access to the airspace.

What Happens Next

Once the consultation has closed, we will register and review each submission received through the online response form. We will make all submissions publicly available on the Consultation Hub, unless you request that your submission remain confidential. We will also publish the final report on our website.

Information about how we consult and how to make a confidential submission is available on the CASA website.

To be notified of any future consultations, you can subscribe to our consultation and rulemaking mailing list.


  • Aerodrome operators
  • Instructors and flight examiners
  • Flight training organisations
  • Pilots
  • Sports aviation operators
  • Air traffic controller
  • Air traffic service providers
  • Part 173 of CASR Instrument flight procedure designers
  • Aerodrome owner/operators


  • Airspace and infrastructure