Proposed Part 139 (aerodromes) transition strategy - (PP 1916AS)

Closes 2 Mar 2020

Consultation Contents

This consultation asks for your feedback on the proposed Part 139 transitional strategy.

The first 2 pages of the consultation ask you for some information about yourself and request your consent to publish your response. The next 7 pages will ask you for your feedback on specific transition policy as per the headings below:

  • New commencement date
  • Bringing forward visual aids elements in Chapters 8 and 9 of the new MOS
  • Application of grandfathering provisions for active infrastructure projects and funding applications prior to commencement in certain circumstances
  • Deeming existing certified and registered aerodromes as certified under the new rules
  • Submission date for revised aerodrome manuals by existing Certified Aerodromes
  • Submission date for new aerodrome manuals by existing Registered Aerodrome
  • Delayed commencement of inspections and management systems for applicable registered Aerodromes

The last 2 pages of the consultation provide an opportunity for you to give us any general feedback you may have regarding the proposed policy, and for you to tell us your priorities for the Part 139 Transition.

Unless an answer is required or mandatory, such as consent to publish submissions and personal identification, you can answer as few or as many of the questions as you like.

When you have completed the consultation, click the ‘Finish’ button at the bottom right of this page.