Proposal to improve the Part 61 flight instructor rating

Closed 22 Apr 2018

Opened 23 Mar 2018


CASA is proposing to improve the Part 61 flight instructor rating.

The improvements have been developed and refined via ongoing consultation between CASA and the aviation community since the introduction of the flight crew licensing regulations in September 2014.

The proposed improvements aim to support flight training operators and trainers to develop and deliver their flight instructor training courses, amend the privileges and limitations of certain training endorsements and enhance the guidance material.

The proposed improvements would:

  • enhance and extend flight instructor training guidance material
  • introduce a new single unit of competency, FIR4 (flight instructor rating – general), amalgamating the three generic practical units of competency  FIR1, FIR2 and FIR3, thus reducing the complexity of course development.
  • introduce separate units of competency for each training endorsement 
  • expand the grade 1 training endorsement to include additional training and assessment privileges
  • add basic instrument flight training (BIFT) as a privilege of the grade 3 (aeroplane) training endorsement
  • remove the grade 3 (helicopter) training endorsement limitation on conducting simulated engine failures with the activity to be managed by the flight training operator
  • make BIFT optional for the grade 3 (helicopter) training endorsement.

Implementing the proposed improvements will involve amending the flight crew licensing regulations. An interim approach may be considered.

Why We Are Consulting

To continue the collaborative approach with the aviation community, we are seeking feedback on the consequences and benefits of implementing the proposed initiatives.

This consultation is particularly relevant to:

  • flight training operators and flight instructors who conduct training for the grant of a flight instructor rating and training endorsements
  • pilots who undergo training for a flight instructor rating and training endorsements
  • flight examiners who conduct flight tests for a flight instructor rating and training endorsements
  • pilots and operators who conduct flight training.

If you are using an iPad to complete the survey you will be asked to 'download the relevant PDF'.  Depending on the software you have on your iPad you may need to download the free viewer to review the single document PDF files.  Where a file is a 'multi-file or portfolio PDF you will need to source the Adobe free view  - available from iTunes.  More information on the 'how to' is available below in 'related' section below.

What Happens Next

Once this consultation has closed, we will register and review each submission received through the online response form.

We will make all submissions publicly available on the Consultation Hub, unless you have requested that your submission remain confidential.  We will also publish a summary of consultation which will summarise the feedback received.


  • Instructors and flight examiners
  • Flight training organisations
  • Pilots


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