Draft AC 139.A-03 v1.0 - Application of aerodrome standards and Draft AC 139.B-01 v1.0 - Applying for aerodrome certification (Part 139 consequential ACs)

Closed 27 Nov 2019

Opened 12 Nov 2019


An amendment to Part 139 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) was made on 21 February 2019.

Effective 22 August 2020, the amended Part 139 of CASR:

  • establishes a single certification framework for regulated aerodromes (certified)
  • mandates that an aerodrome must be certified based on the publication of a terminal instrument flight procedure
  • sets out the standards for the construction, maintenance and operation of certified aerodromes
  • defines the requirements for aerodrome radiocommunication services at all aerodromes
  • requires the identification of hazards, on aerodromes and within the prescribed airspace.

The revised Part 139 (Aerodromes) Manual of Standards (the Part 139 MOS) was published on 06 September 2019 and will also come into effect on 22 August 2020, replacing the Part 139 Manual of Standards – Aerodromes (version 1.14).

Processes or elements on an aerodrome, that are not able to be grandfathered must comply with the revised rules on the commencement date. The only exception are those elements that are captured in the transitional provisions.

Advisory Circulars to Part 139 of CASR

Advisory Circulars (ACs) will be progressively published and circulated to industry to provide guidance in understanding the new rules.

Through this consultation process CASA invites you to review and provide comment on the following:

  • Draft AC 139.A-03 v1.0 – Application of aerodrome standards
  • Draft AC 139.B-01 v1.0 – Applying for aerodrome certification

Please note, each AC has its own page in this consultation.

Why We Are Consulting

CASA recognises the valuable contribution that community and industry consultation makes to the regulatory development process. For this reason, we are seeking feedback on whether the draft ACs provide adequate guidance on:

  • the process to certify an aerodrome
  • how to apply the new aerodrome standards

A copy of each draft AC is provided below and on the survey page for each AC.

Please read the guidance documents before providing your feedback.

Comments should be submitted through the online response form.

Information about how we consult and how to make a confidential submission is available on the CASA website.

To be notified of any future consultations, you can subscribe to our consultation and rulemaking mailing list.

File uploads

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Using an iPad

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What happens next

At the end of the consultation period, we will review each submission received through the online response form. All submissions will be publicly available on the CASA website, unless you request your submission remain confidential. We will also publish a Summary of Consultation which summarises the feedback received, outlines any intended changes and our plans for the ACs.


  • Air operators
  • Pilots
  • Aerodrome owner/operators
  • CASA aerodrome inspectorate
  • Aerodrome industry consultants
  • Aircraft owner/operator


  • In-house training
  • Airspace and infrastructure