Pilot supervision - Draft Advisory Circular 61-20 v1.0

Closed 7 Nov 2022

Opened 11 Oct 2022


The draft AC 61-20 v1.0 is the first advisory circular (AC) on pilot supervision for operators that do not have a check and training system. However, all operators could adopt the supervision methodology for their operational safety-critical personnel.

We are seeking feedback on:

  • the concept – should pilots who are flying for an operator without a training system have a period of supervision after joining an organisation or obtaining new qualifications
  • the content and readability – are the messages understood and explained in enough detail
  • the example – is it realistic
  • whether you think the operators to whom the AC applies will adopt pilot supervision as part of their training process?

The AC provides guidance to operators for delivering a structured supervision program to pilots operating in a new environment or after completing the regulatory requirements for a new qualification. The intent of the supervision process is to ensure pilots can continue to gain effective knowledge and operational experience, during and post, induction or when operating in a new environment. This does not replace the supervision required by the regulations to complete a qualification.

This AC recommends a formal supervision process where operators do not have a training and checking system for pilots who have recently:

Why your views matter

CASA recognises the valuable contribution that community and industry consultation makes to the regulatory development process.

A copy of the draft AC is provided in the related section below as well as appearing on the designated page of the survey. There is also an MS Word copy of online consultation for ease of distribution and feedback within your organisation.

Please submit your comments on Draft AC 61-20 v1.0 through the Consultation Hub using the survey provided. If you are unable to provide feedback this way, please contact us for advice through regulatoryconsultation@casa.gov.au

Important information

Please note the draft Advisory Circular (AC) attached to this consultation is a revision of the initial draft AC published when this consultation went live on 25 August 2022. Please discard any previously downloaded copies of the draft AC.

What happens next

At the end of the response period for public comment, we will review each comment and submission received. We will make all submissions publicly available on our website, unless you request your submission remain confidential. We will also publish a Summary of Consultation which summarises the feedback received, outlines any intended changes and details our plans for the AC.

What happens next

At the end of the response period for public comment, we will review each comment and submission received through the online response form. We will make all submissions publicly available on the CASA website unless a respondent requests that their submission remain confidential. Information about how we consult and how to make a confidential submission is available on the CASA website.

When the responses to the consultation, for which consent to publish has been granted, are published, we will also publish a summary of consultation (SOC). The SOC will summarise feedback received, describe any intended changes and detail our plans for the AC.

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  • CASA Staff
  • Air operators
  • Pilots
  • Part 142 operator
  • Part 141 operator
  • Floatplane operators
  • Air transport operations – rotorcraft (Part 133)
  • Aerial work operator (Part 138)
  • Training organisation representative
  • Flight training organisations
  • Instructors and flight examiners
  • Aerial work operator


  • Operational standards
  • Flight training
  • Training and checking systems
  • In-house training for CASA FOIs
  • Safety promotion