Multi-engine helicopter ratings (CD 2209FS)

Closes 4 Jul 2022

Opened 21 Jun 2022


You told us about the difficulties facing rotary wing pilots, instructors and flight examiners because single-pilot, less complex multi-engine helicopters don’t have a class rating enjoyed by their fixed-wing equivalents.

We understand that the current approach to prescribe a type rating for each multi-engine helicopter is a key reason for the limited availability of suitably qualified flight instructors, flight examiners, and flight training operators (FTO) to conduct training and assessments for some multi-engine helicopters. This has led to increased costs and time to access training and assessment and impacts on the availability of suitably qualified pilots. The problem is exacerbated by the very small number of these types of helicopters in Australia.

An alternative approach is proposed to better facilitate training, testing, entry and continuation for pilots conducting operations using non-complex single pilot certified multi-engine helicopters.

To facilitate this, we have drafted an instrument that will effectively replicate a multi-engine helicopter class rating until the flight crew licensing rules are amended to formally create the class rating.

The creation of a new multi-engine helicopter class rating will allow:

  • pilots who operate certain less complex multi-engine helicopters certified for single-pilot operations to operate under the new class rating
  • flight instructors and examiners who hold a multi-engine helicopter class rating training or testing endorsement to conduct training or testing for the class rating and training and flight review for subsequent types of multi-engine helicopter in the class, without holding a type-specific training or testing endorsement 
  • Part 141 FTOs to conduct training for the new class and manage the instructors permitted to conduct the training.

In the first stage of the process to incorporate the new class rating into CASR, we are seeking comment on the consultation draft of the Multi-Engine Helicopters Exemption 2022 instrument.

This instrument will create a class-like system as a step to implementing the new class rating and will allow multi-engine helicopters to operate in the system until the regulations are changed to formally create the class rating.

A plain English document also accompanies the draft instrument to explain the operation of the instrument and the intent of each provision.

The exemption will be in place by the end of July 2022.

Opportunity to comment

If you would like to provide comment on the advanced copy of the proposed instrument CASA EX49/22 – Multi-Engine Helicopters Exemption 2022 you can do so through the online response form.

Documents for review

All relevant documentation:

  • SPC on CD 2209FS (481 KB, PDF document) – this document is the summary of the proposals in the draft instrument
  • Consultation Draft - CASA EX49/22 — Multi-Engine Helicopters Exemption 2022 (391 KB, PDF document) – this document is a copy of the draft instrument
  • Explanation document - CASA EX49/22 — Multi-Engine Helicopters Exemption 2022 (477 KB, PDF document) – this document provides an explanation of the intent and effect of each provision in the draft instrument
  • MS Word copy of online consultation - Multi-engine helicopter ratings (CD 2209FS) (51.1 KB Office Word 2007 XML document)

is attached in the ‘related’ section at the bottom of the page.

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