Proposed Part 101 Chief Remote Pilot Licence Instructor and other matters - (CD 2401US)

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Closes 28 Feb 2024

About this consultation

This consultation asks for your feedback on the Part 101 Manual of Standards (Chief Remote Pilot Licence Instructor and Other Matters) Amendment Instrument 2024 - (CD 2401US)

The survey has been designed to give you the option to provide feedback on the survey in its entirety or to provide feedback on the policy topics applicable to you.

We will ask you for:

  • personal information, such as your name, any organisation you represent, and your email address
  • your consent to publish your submission
  • your responses to the proposed changes in the regulations
  • demographic information to help us understand your interest in the regulations
  • any comments you may want to provide

Our website contains more information on making a submission and what we do with your feedback.