Proposed new Part 105 Manual of Standards - Parachuting from aircraft - (CD 2213OS)

Closed 22 Jan 2023

Opened 8 Dec 2022


We are seeking your feedback on the proposed Manual of Standards (MOS) for the rules governing parachuting activities.

The MOS provides complex and technical detail that sets out the rules for Part 105 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) - Parachuting from aircraft.

Your feedback will help us check that the rules in the MOS work as intended.

Part 105 and its MOS integrate parachuting activities in the Part 149 self-administration framework. This means Part 149 approved self-administering aviation organisations (ASAOs) must follow Part 105 requirements for their Part 149 aviation administration functions.

Not all sport aviation bodies that administer parachuting activities will be ASAOs on the commencement date. Transitional arrangements apply to these organisations. They are exempt from Part 105 until the end of the Part 149 transition on 1 December 2023.

Previous consultations

We have been engaging with parachuting sport aviation bodies and the Part 105 Technical Working Group (TWG) to develop the proposed Part 105 MOS.

We consulted the related Part 105 of CASR in 2019. These rules came into effect on 2 December 2021.

Why your views matter

Your feedback will help us make sure the proposed new rules are clearly communicated and will work in practice as intended. We want to know about any concerns you may have, any challenges you foresee or any improvements we should consider before we finalise the new Part 105 MOS.

Documents for review

All documents related to this consultation are attached in the ‘Related’ section at the bottom of the page. These are:

  • Summary of proposed change on CD 2213OS, which provides background on the proposed standards
  • Consultation Draft – Part 105 (Parachuting from Aircraft) Manual of Standards 2022
  • MS Word copy of this consultation for ease of distribution and feedback in your organisation

Please submit your comments using the survey link below. If you are unable to provide feedback this way, please contact us for advice at

 What happens next

At the end of the response period, we will review each comment and submission received. Relevant feedback that improves the proposed Part 105 MOS and is consistent with the regulations and other CASA policy, will be incorporated into the final MOS.

We will publish a Summary of Consultation which will summarise the feedback received, outline any intended changes and will detail our plans for the proposed Part 105 MOS. We will also make all submissions publicly available on the Consultation Hub where consent has been given.

 Post-implementation review

We will monitor and review the new rules throughout the transition phase and beyond.


  • CASA Staff
  • Pilots
  • Hot air balloon operators
  • Air traffic controller/s
  • Self-administering aviation organisations
  • Parachute operators
  • Parachuting sport aviation bodies
  • Pilots of parachuting aircraft
  • Parachute maintenance and manufacturing organisations
  • Balloon Pilots
  • Balloon Sports aviation operators
  • Balloon AOC holders and applicants
  • Balloon pilots holding a CP(B)L
  • Sport and recreational balloon owners and pilots
  • Sport aviation bodies & prospective ASAOs
  • Certified aerodrome owner/operator
  • Registered aerodrome owner/operator
  • Unregulated aerodrome owner/operator
  • Aerodrome owner/operators
  • CASA aerodrome inspector
  • Aerodrome industry consultant
  • Aircraft owner/operator
  • Regulation 30 of CAR maintenance organisations (CAR 30)
  • Licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (LAME)
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers (AME)


  • In-house training
  • Airworthiness / maintenance
  • Airspace and infrastructure
  • Sport and recreational aviation
  • Drug and alcohol management
  • Fatigue management
  • Human factors
  • Operational standards
  • Private operations
  • Airworthiness/maintenance (CAR 30 and CASR Part 145 maintenance orgs)
  • Equipment standards
  • Self administration aviation activities
  • Sport and recreational ballooning
  • In-house training for CASA FOIs
  • Sport and recreational aviation - balloons
  • Safety promotion