Proposed new rules for manned free balloons and hot air airships - Part 131 - (CD 1907OS)

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Closes 30 Sep 2019

About this consultation

This consultation asks for your feedback on the proposed new rules for manned free balloons and hot air airships – draft Civil Aviation Legislation Amendment (Part 131) Regulations 2019.

The proposed Part 131 regulations include:

  • Provisions to permit CASA to grant approvals under Part 131 and to issue a Manual of Standards (MOS).
  • Requirements for holders of balloon AOCs conducting passenger carrying flights for hire or reward to be known as balloon transport operations.
  • An outline of the contents of an exposition for a balloon transport operator.
  • The qualifications and experience requirements for the key personnel of a balloon transport operator.
  • A provision for a safety management system for balloon transport operators.
  • A provision for a training and checking system for balloon transport operator.
  • Operational and flight rules for manned free balloons and hot air airships to be known as Part 131 aircraft. These rules include provisions related to the new concept of specialised balloon operations.
  • The loading requirements for Part 131 aircraft.
  • The required instruments and equipment for Part 131 aircraft.
  • Changes to Part 91 to clarify which Part 91 rules will not apply to Part 131 aircraft and to modify some Part 91 rules to cater for Part 131 aircraft.

We will ask you for:

  • personal information, such as your name, any organisation you represent, and your email address
  • your consent to publish your submission – you may refuse
  • your responses to the proposed changes in the regulations
  • any comments you may want to provide
  • demographic information to help us understand your interest in the regulations

Our website contains more information on making a submission and what we do with your feedback.