Flight Safety Australia - feedback survey 2018

Closed 23 Sep 2018

Opened 7 Sep 2018

Feedback updated 25 Jul 2019

We asked

In September 2018 we asked for feedback on our flagship aviation safety magazine Flight Safety Australia. We asked a variety of questions to explore current reading habits and satisfaction levels, whether the magazine has an impact on aviation safety (knowledge, awareness and behaviour), and to source ideas for improvement (including audience preferences regarding the magazine’s format, frequency and content, and how to grow readership).

You said

We received 1,299 responses from a wide range of people in the aviation industry. About 70 percent of respondents were current readers, and the rest had not read Flight Safety Australia within 12 months.

The results show that Flight Safety Australia magazine has a positive influence on knowledge and awareness about safety issues, and also behaviour. Of those who currently read the magazine, 95 per cent agree/strongly agree that they have learned useful information from Flight Safety Australia and 85 per cent agree/strongly agree it has influenced them to become safer in their aviation role. A majority of current readers surveyed (89%) would recommend it to other people in the industry because the content is well written, informative and enjoyable, it provides opportunities to learn from other’s mistakes, and it provides a relevant connection to real life practices.

The results show a high level of satisfaction with the current mixture of stories and a range of additional story ideas were received.

Almost 30 percent of respondents said they have not read Flight Safety Australia in the last 12 months mainly because the digital format doesn’t suit them (they prefer print).

We did

We are changing our publishing model for Flight Safety Australia magazine in response to the feedback.

From September 2019 we will introduce the option for people to subscribe to a quarterly print magazine. It will cost $39.95 for a 12-month subscription (four issues per year delivered to your door including postage and handling within Australia). It is necessary for us to charge a subscription fee to make this option sustainable in the long term.

From our research we know that some of you would prefer to receive the content for free. As a result, we will continue to publish all the features of the print magazine on the Flight Safety Australia website and will also update it regularly with unique ‘digital only’ content (including topical news, safety videos, audio close calls and more).

Subscribe now to Flight Safety Australia print edition at the CASA Online Store.


We are doing some research to help us grow the readership of Flight Safety Australia.

Never read it? We really want to hear from you!

We would also love feedback from our current readers.Image of Flight Safety Australia App and News site

About Flight Safety Australia

Flight Safety Australia is CASA’s flagship aviation safety magazine. It offers credible, informative and comprehensive content on all key aviation safety issues—safety management systems, maintenance, runway safety, human factors, airspace, training, aviation medicine—and more. 

Flight Safety Australia includes feature articles, stories written by contributors from the aviation community on a range of topics, a close-call section written by pilots who share their experiences in the name of safety, and a range of quizzes to put your knowledge to the test.

You can currently access content online at the Flight Safety Australia news site. We also promote stories through CASA's facebook page.

At the beginning of this year we launched a new Flight Safety Australia app for mobile devices to make it easy for people to access content offline. The app was published monthly with all the latest content. However, from readers’ feedback, we know that some people had trouble downloading and using the app, so it is currently on hold while we explore other options.

First 100 respondents get a 2017 Collectors' Edition

We appreciate your time in taking our survey and would like to offer the first 100 people to respond a free copy of the 2017 Collectors' Edition of Flight Safety Australia—a bumper collection of more than 50 stories that were published in the online magazine during 2017.

Your feedback will be anonymous and used in accordance with our privacy policy.


  • CASA Staff
  • Aerodrome operator
  • Air operators
  • Airworthiness organisations
  • Flight instructors and flight examiners
  • Flight training operators
  • Engineers
  • Manufacturers
  • Pilots
  • Sports aviation operators
  • Hot air balloon operators
  • Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME)
  • Air traffic controller/s
  • Drone operators
  • Foreign operator
  • Traveling public/passengers


  • Airworthiness / maintenance
  • Drones/uncrewed aircraft systems
  • Airspace and infrastructure
  • Sport and recreational aviation
  • Air travel
  • Dangerous goods
  • Drug and alcohol management
  • Emergencies and incident reporting
  • Fatigue management
  • Hazards
  • Health
  • Human factors
  • Safety management systems
  • Licensing
  • Operational standards
  • Aircraft certification and design
  • Flight training
  • Limited category aircraft
  • Aviation medicine
  • Cabin safety