Minor miscellaneous amendments to Part 66 Manual of Standards (CD 1803MS)

Closed 5 Sep 2018

Opened 24 Aug 2018

Results updated 25 Sep 2018

This consultation provided details of minor amendments that CASA is proposing to make to the Part 66 Manual of Standards (MOS). The consultation period has now closed. A summary of feedback is provided below.

About this consultation

Participants in this survey were asked to provide feedback on a number of proposed minor amendments to the Part 66 MOS, including some changes to the list of type rated aircraft and the current Part 66 category B1 licence privilege for inspection of fibre-reinforced plastic composite structures.


A total of four responses were received. The two respondents who commented on the proposed changes were generally supportive of the amendments, but queried CASA's intention to amend the B1 licence privilege for inspection of composite structures. The comments from the other two respondents were general in nature and not targeted towards any specific amendment - they  therefore neither supported or objected to the proposed changes.

Summary of feedback

Two respondents commented on CASA's proposal to amend the current B1 licence privilege for inspection of composite structures, with one of the respondents deeming the proposed change as unacceptable. CASA will further review the proposal in light of these comments.

The two general comments were on the subject of currency requirements for licence holders working in a CAMO, and the lack of flexibility in relation to the units of competency required for each particular category of licence. These subjects are not part of these amendments but have been noted for future consideration under the ongoing Part 66 post implementation review.

Next steps

Based on comments received and the fact that the type rating amendments are required in a short timeframe to support some industry organisations, CASA will proceed with the proposed amendments as published, but without the proposed amendment to the current B1 licence privilege for inspection of composite structures. The licence privilege for inspection of composite structures, and the general issues raised in this consultation will be reviewed for inclusion in future amendments.

Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


The project intends to make miscellaneous amendments, editorial and/or machinery changes, to the Part 66 MOS and will:

• make minor corrections to typographical errors in modules 7 and 15 of CASA’s knowledge syllabus listed in Part 3 of Appendix I

• make minor corrections to existing units of competency, regarding their applicability to particular categories of licence and make minor updates to unit codes for some existing units of competency as listed in Appendix IV

• make minor editorial corrections to the subcategory B1 licence applicability requirements for exclusion E7 and exclusion E8 as listed in Appendix VIII

• make minor changes including updates, additions and deletions to aircraft type rating information as listed in Appendix IX.

Periodically and throughout each calendar year these Part 66 MOS amendments may be required. They will not substantially alter existing regulatory arrangements.

Why your views matter

Under regulation 11.280 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR), if CASA intends to issue a MOS, CASA must publish a notice of its intention on the CASA website. That notice must include a copy of the draft MOS, a description of its contents and the period during which comments on it may be lodged.

For amendments to a MOS that are of a minor or machinery nature, the period for which comments may be lodged must be not less than 14 days.

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