Supplemental oxygen requirements for cabin crew in pressurised aircraft operating at flight level 250 and below (CAAP 20.4-01)

Closed 9 Mar 2018

Opened 22 Feb 2018


Feedback provided to CASA by aircraft operators was that clarification was sought on supplemental oxygen requirements for cabin crew members in pressurised aircraft operating at flight level 250 (25,000 feet) and below.

As a result, CASA has produced a Civil Aviation Advisory Publication (CAAP 20.4-01) that seeks to clarify temporary non-compliance with cabin crew supplemental oxygen requirements as set out in Civil Aviation Order 20.4 during emergency situations where cabin crew may not be able to promptly access a supply of supplemental oxygen.

The CAAP sets out factors that would offer extenuating circumstances for short-term deviation from regulatory requirements.

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Why We Are Consulting

CASA seeks feedback from industry to ensure CAAP 20.4-01 (v1.0) provides the sought-after clarification and does not introduce other factors or concerns from operators as a result.


  • CASA Staff
  • Air operators
  • Flight training organisations
  • Pilots


  • Operational standards
  • Cabin safety