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Introduction of proposed safety standard - community service flights

The proposal introduces minimum CSF pilot experience, licensing and medical requirements, requirement of flights at night to be conducted using instrument procedures instead of visual procedures and requires slightly enhanced aircraft maintenance requirements, in line with other operations within Australia involving similar participants.

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I fully support
- minimum pilot experience and currency
- minimum licensing requirements
- minimum Class1 medical
- all night flight to be using instrument procedures
- aircraft maintenance to charter standards.

The general public has not enough knowledge to make the call.
The emotions involved lead pilots to make hasty and not always good decisions about their capabilities.
I know everyone wants to help and be seen a hero but no-one wants their nearest and dearest to end up in a crumpled heap of metal in cumulogranite.
The PATS scheme whilst less glamorous is adequate for most people's transport.
A little extra input from doctors into the application assists in ensuring the patient gets transport appropriate to their condition.